Ecojustice returned to Old City Hall in Toronto this morning to protect migratory birds in our prosecution against Cadillac Fairview Corporation and its related companies. With that in mind, we wanted to share a story about the real heroes of our work, the people that make our work possible.

We are talking about you.

I recorded this podcast about my first week at Ecojustice — way back in April of 2011 — and the day we began our prosecution of another property owner in a case having to do with bird strikes at a Toronto office complex. Have a listen.

In the trial that resumed this morning, the Cadillac Fairview Corporation and its related companies are charged under the Species at Risk Act with killing up to 10 birds listed as “threatened” under the federal legislation. The companies are the owners or managers of a north Toronto office complex, where it is alleged that a number of “threatened” birds were killed in strikes with the highly reflective windows of the complex.

Each year, up to one million birds die in collisions with Toronto’s buildings. Birds are often confused by the reflections of blue skies and trees in windows. Buildings with highly reflective windows are the worst offenders.