Ecojustice is building
the case for a better earth.

As Canada's largest environmental law charity,
we lead the legal fight for a brighter environmental future.

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At Ecojustice, we work as hard as we can, for as long as it takes, to ensure the environment is front and centre before the courts and in the public eye.

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Ecojustice represents every one of our clients free of charge. Together, we go to court to hold governments and polluters to account.

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In the courts and within the environmental movement, we are leading the legal fight for a brighter environmental future.

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Help wild salmon stay disease-free!

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Read about what we’re doing right now to lead the legal fight for a brighter environment future. Learn more about our precedent-setting legal victories, or explore our blog to find out about important developments in our efforts to build the case for a better earth.

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Ensuring Volkswagen pays for its environmental crime

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Volkswagen lied, and we’re going to court

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Fighting for Environmental Rights in Ontario

Special Update

Let’s get it right: Strengthening Canada’s environmental laws

Special Update

The Case for a Better Earth: Episode 3

Healthy communities

VICTORY: Pollinators will get their day in court!