Okay. On Day 18 of Gavin Smith’s fundraising ride for Ecojustice, he rested. Well, it’s Day 19 now and he’s back on the road, its June 29 and he’s learning that not all roads were built alike and that blackflies are attracted to cyclists.

Day 19
June 29

Distance Travelled: 155.73 km (Lodging: Remer Motel and Campground, Remer, Minnesota)

Matt worked at 7 a.m. again, so I was up and out early. I made good time before I hit Highway 200 which, although devoid of towns and therefore quiet and good-looking, was not much fun due to terrible hand-numbing cracks in the road and clouds of blackflies that would intermittently swarm around me for minutes on end. I was going too fast for them to land on me, but they still flew into my face and helmet and were generally irritating.

I was getting pretty tired by the end and was happy to see Remer. I had a Mexican salad and sugar lemon pie at the Woodsman’s Cafe, which advertised itself as a family restaurant but had the motto, “You can’t beat a woody.”

The woody was a hamburger of some kind.