Take our pop-critter quiz and find out if you’re a pop culture maven or animal species expert.

What do you know more about, popular culture or at-risk animal species?

Here at Ecojustice we love pop culture. Our office lunchrooms are like any other, filled with talk about favorite movies, bands and sports teams. And we love a fiery pub trivia night.

That’s all in good fun. But we are serious too. Serious about defending nature.

Today, I challenge you to test whether you know more about pop culture or animal species.


The spiral-tusked narwhal is one of the amazing species featured in our Pop Critter Quiz. This marine mammal, known as the unicorn of the sea, calls Canada’s Arctic waters home. But oil and gas drilling in the region poses a major threat to narwhals.

Ecojustice supporters — people like you — helped fend off that threat in Lancaster Sound. Legal action spearheaded by Ecojustice led to Shell Canada surrendering its expired oil and gas permits for the region, which in turn paved the way for Lancaster Sound to be designated as a National Marine Conservation Area.

Now you can help us score even more victories for animal and plant species. Please, join us in building the case for a better earth by taking the Pop Critter Quiz — and then spreading the word!