Today, the Ktunaxa Nation will be at the Supreme Court of Canada fighting to protect Qat’muk — also known as the Jumbo Valley.

Qat’muk is important to the spiritual beliefs and practices of the Ktunaxa people. The construction of the proposed Jumbo Glacier ski resort would physically destroy the landscape of an area, so deeply connected to their beliefs and ceremonies.

That’s why we are representing Amnesty International Canada, interveners in the Ktunaxa’s case, to submit valuable insight to the Court. We are fighting to ensure Indigenous spiritual beliefs tied to sacred land are respected and given the same level of protection from state interference as other western religious beliefs.

We hope you will stand with us in support of Indigenous rights.

The outcome of the Ktunaxa’s case will set an important legal precedent about the government’s obligation to recognize and protect Indigenous traditions that are tied to the land.

It’s time for Canada’s guarantee of religious freedom to reflect international law and protect Indigenous rights and spiritual beliefs in the face of land development.

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