There’s a role to play for the many environmental non-profits of this country, and this was well exemplified this week in our collective efforts to protect the Boreal forest.

Where we make submissions to the Ontario government, suggesting improvements to strengthen their draft legislation on their Far North Planning Act (where they seek to protect 50% of these massive, carbon-storing forests), others mobilize consumers to pressure the companies whose negative forestry practices threaten the forest itself.

Greenpeace is one such campaigning organization, and their “Kleercut” campaign against Kimberly-Clark has resulted in one of the strongest corporate environmental policies in the industry. The company that brings you Kleenex, Cottonelle and Huggies announced today that by 2011, they will only use Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified fibres in their 4.5 million tonnes of trees used each year. A great campaign, and an even better result.

Our strategy may differ, but our goals are the same – and we congratulate the diligent efforts of our fellow environmentalists.