After spending years in the courts fighting for endangered species like the orca, greater sage grouse and spotted owls, we think the government may have finally figured out that if they duck their responsibilities for protecting the environment, we will likely be seeing them in court.

This week the feds got it right for the 400 remaining Northern Atlantic Right Whales on our East Coast. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has announced that their final recovery strategy for the endangered whales would include an important and well known feeding habitat that had been left out of draft versions of their strategy. Ecojustice worked side by side with the David Suzuki Foundation to ensure the right whales received the protection they deserved.

People can’t survive without homes, and the same is true for endangered species. By including more of their ocean habitat in the North Atlantic Right Whale’s recovery strategy, the DFO is giving one of the ocean’s largest creatures a legitimate chance at recovery.

This news from DFO is welcome – even if we had to prod them ever-so-gently along the way.

So thanks for doing the right (whale) thing.