Sometimes all it takes is some information and outrage to make meaningful change in our community.

It’s happening near Sudbury, Ontario, where Simon Lake Community Stewardship is taking up the cause of sewage dumping in their community – moved to action as a result of our latest water quality report “Flushing Out the Truth: Sewage Dumping in Ontario.”

Their letter-writing campaign targets Ontario Minister of Environment John Gerretsen with the message that “dumping untreated and under-treated sewage into our watersheds is not acceptable.”

These disgusting yet all-too-common events have become standard practice in municipalities, as noted in our report: “In both 2006 and 2007, raw or undertreated sewage was dumped more than 1,000 times by Ontario municipalities. The quantities are staggering, with billions of litres escaping full treatment each year.”

We pride ourselves on our report-writing rigour, and when they inform and inspire communities to stand up for their rights we are doubly pleased.