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Grassy Narrows’ Legal Challenge to Clearcut Logging Begins

Jan 13, 2010

The case of the Grassy Narrows First Nation begins its hearing in the Ontario Superior Court

Ecojustice report holds officials accountable

Jan 13, 2010

The latest sewage report by Ecojustice highlights the need for the immediate public reporting of all sewage dumping incidents.

Federal government denies need to consult public on major mining projects

Jan 13, 2010

Appeal to be heard in Federal Court on citizens’ right to be consulted about proposed large industrial developments [May 14, 2008]

Watchdog highlights discrimination against environmental groups by BC government

Jan 13, 2010

An investigation by the BC Information and Privacy Commissioner leads to broad changes within the province’s Ministry of the Environment [January 22, 2008]

Environmental groups set high bar for BC’s new Species at Risk Task Force

Jan 13, 2010

BC government hints at development of long overdue endangered species law [August 27, 2009]

Canada back in court over Kyoto lawsuit

Jan 13, 2010

Groups appeal decision in Canada’s first ever climate change lawsuit [November 25, 2008]

KAIROS study reveals billions in Canadian tax subsidies to Big Oil come at the expense of conservation and climate

Jan 13, 2010

New report highlights inadequacy of Canada’s climate change strategy [April 15 2008]

Canada facing legal challenge for breaking federal global warming law

Jan 13, 2010

Supreme Court appeal filed over broken Kyoto accord [December 10, 2009]

Court ruling demonstrates oil sands review process broken

Jan 13, 2010

Court appeal reveals flaws in oil sands review process as no repercussions follow broken environmental promises by Shell [August 28, 2009]

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