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Canadian cities join fight against dirty US coal power

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – Canadian municipalities representing a population of over five million people today formally petitioned the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce contaminant emissions from the 150 coal-fired power plants in seven Midwestern states. The petition focuses on emissions from the plants – among the oldest and dirtiest in the U.S. – that cause smog and climate change impacts in Canada.

Judge Approves GVRD Sewage Fight

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – A Provincial Court Judge ruled today that a private prosecution against the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Province of BC can go ahead.

US, Canadian cities fouling the Great Lakes with raw sewage

Jan 13, 2010

Great Lakes Sewage Report Card analyzes twenty cities in the Great Lakes basin and grades them based on how well they manage their sewage

Seismic blasting threatens B.C. marine life

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – The public should be making a big noise over proposed seismic blasting that may injure or even kill marine life on the B.C. coast. [December 14, 2006]

Groups assail Ontario mining loophole

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – A coalition of environmental groups filed a complaint under Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights today, calling for reforms to provincial laws that allow potentially destructive mining proposals to be approved – leading to the destruction of pristine wilderness areas and causing serious air and water pollution problems in the province.

Canadian Conservation Groups Take Federal Government to Court over Failure to Protect Endangered Shorebird

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – A coalition of leading conservation groups today filed a lawsuit against Environment Minister Rona Ambrose for her ministry’s refusal to identify critical habitat in the recovery strategy of an endangered bird, the Piping Plover.

New poll shows British Columbians demand provincial law to reduce global warming

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – An overwhelming majority of British Columbians want the province to enact climate change legislation with mandatory targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new province-wide survey. [January 2 2007]

Environmental groups call for immediate review to improve proposed Clean Air Act

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – In a letter submitted today to the federal Parliamentary Committee responsible for reviewing Bill C-30 – the proposed Clean Air Act – a group of eight environmental organizations are calling for the Committee to begin consideration of the Bill immediately.

Groups go to court in Petitcodiac legal battle

Jan 13, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE – Canada’s leading environmental law organization, Sierra Legal, joined forces today with the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper in an on-going legal battle to protect New Brunswick’s Petitcodiac River from toxic pollution. The groups will be in court in Moncton tomorrow, Tuesday December 19, 2006, to support the federal government in its bid to hold Gemtec Limited accountable for pollution of the Petitcodiac.

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