Nelson and Daralis Collins


Nelson and Daralis Collins began supporting Ecojustice in 1993, and continue to support our work more than two decades later.

Nelson first heard about Ecojustice while rafting the Fifth River in the Yukon National Park in 1992. He says the “spectacular Canadian wilderness” still motivates him to support Ecojustice today.

Meanwhile, Daralis says her support is motivated by her concern over the “unrelenting degradation of the land, air, and water on which every living thing depends for its survival.”

When asked whether he has a message to share with fellow Ecojustice supporters, Nelson urges:

“Avoid discouragement about the state of the environment by celebrating the victories and spending time in nature. Tell your friends about Ecojustice. I’m glad that my friend told me about it 24 years ago.”

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Last updated: February 15, 2018

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