Ecojustice donors across Canada believe in the unique role we play when we work together.

You’ve seen how our court victories create lasting change that benefits the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we live on and the species we share it with. Your support makes you a defender of every Canadian’s right to a healthy environment. And while we find you spread across this country, more than 6,000 Ecojustice donors are located in the Greater Toronto Area.

We know that while we’re all united in a shared mission, everyone has their own reasons for supporting Ecojustice. So we decided to ask some of our GTA donors a question: What about Canada’s environment do you feel is worth protecting and why?

Janet Landreth


“The natural environment, especially plants and animals, is the heart and soul of Canada. It’s really important that we protect those things both for everyone’s longevity and so that we have somewhere to enjoy.”

 — Janet Landreth, Ecojustice donor and volunteer


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Michael Drainie


“We need to create a viable future for our children. Canada leads in squandering that future by promoting the idea that global warming isn’t all that serious and that humans don’t need real greenhouse gas reduction policies.”

 — Michael Drainie, Ecojustice donor 


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Gillian Deacon


“Clean air, clean water, safe food. Those are non-negotiables from an evolutionary standpoint. They’re the reason we’ve made it this far as a species. We need to restore and protect these staples of well-being and reconnect Canadians to why they matter.”

— Gillian Deacon, Ecojustice board of directors


Ecojustice’s newest board member, Gillian Deacon, is an award-winning broadcaster and best-selling author of There’s Lead in Your Lipstick: Toxins in Everyday Bodycare and How to Avoid Them and Green for Life.