We rejoin Gavin Smith’s fundraising ride for Ecojustice on Day 14, which includes a late start, broken panniers and more rain.

Day 14
June 24
Distance travelled: 105 km (Campground in Bruce Crossing, Michigan)

I slept in, which felt good. The late start was made later by the bungees on my front pannier snapping within 30 seconds of each
other as soon as I pedalled out of the campsite. I kind of knew that was coming. The panniers were cheap because that was what I could
afford. I jerry-rigged a solution that seemed to work fine.

The ride was fairly uneventful, cold but not rainy. I biked through three towns looking for a campsite, knowing that as a last resort there was a motel in the third town, Bruce Crossing. It turned out that the motel was closed down, which was no good, but when I asked at the grocery store across the street if there was a campground nearby, the lady said there was one directly behind the
store. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

The campground was a deserted field with picnic tables, water spouts and a red metal box with a sign that said “$10 please.” There was a also a shower, so I was happy. With the first real sun since I got to the U.S. breaking through, I ate dinner and then sat shirtless in the bleachers at the sports field beside the campsite, also deserted, to read and write letters as the evening curled in on itself.