My name is Paula, and thanks to people like you, Ecojustice lawyers are helping me and my community fight a coal export facility in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

When I first learned about the Fraser Surrey Docks project, I was standing in the parking lot at my son’s school talking to a fellow parent. I was shocked to learn that American coal would be shipped through my neighbourhood in open-top train cars! I knew then I needed to act.

I began organizing dozens of town halls, collected nearly 13,000 petition signatures opposing the project, and co-founded a grassroots group called Communities and Coal. But it quickly became apparent that we would not win this fight without going to court. We needed a good lawyer on our side.

That’s why I am grateful people like you support Ecojustice. And now, thanks to Ecojustice supporter Mike Brigham, you have the chance to double your impact.

Mike has pledged up to $25,000 to match, dollar-for-dollar, every donation made before June 30 in support of this and other important cases in Ecojustice’s climate portfolio!


You’ve already helped us have our day in court last month. Getting there was not easy. We spent three years fighting off a barrage of delay tactics, including an attempted knock-out punch from opposing counsel, and through it all Ecojustice lawyers ferociously — and successfully — defended our interests.

I committed to this fight because I care about the health of my family and community. I care about the future. And I care about the climate.

By supporting Ecojustice, you help me, and others like me, fight for what we care about most. Help us continue this work to by making a gift today.