Gavin gave us the scoop on the first leg of his fundraising trip for Ecojustice, which saw him leave Ottawa, on June 11, with a little help from his friends.

Day 1:
June 11 – Fitzroy Provincial Park.
Distance Travelled: 64.66 km.

Left my key permanently hanging on the hook in the hallway of what, until then, had been my home. My three roommates, Jenna, Rosa and Andrew set out with me and we travelled on the NCC pathway out of Ottawa and then took perfectly flat, deserted country roads toFitzroy Provincial Park. It was sunny,there was a tailwind and I was glad that they were with me for the first day.

We set up camp, wandered into Fitzroy Harbour to eat pizza and then bought ice cream sandwiches, which we ate walking back in the rain. They taught me Euchre in the tent as we waited for the rain to pass. Then we walked to the beach in the dark and went skinny dipping. The water was just cold enough. There were fireflies. Life was good.

There you have it. Tune in tomorrow as Gavin parts ways with his roommates and finds that a horseshoe field is a good place to camp.