Forgive members of our Toronto staff for feeling drained.

After months of preparation and research, the team filed a whopping 2,124 pages of evidence — in our Sarnia Chemical Valley case — with the Ontario Divisional Court on Friday, April 29, 2011.

I too played a part. On Wednesday, I taxied a banker’s box full of documents from our Evergreen Brickworks office to our printer in downtown Toronto. The next day I joined a crew assembled in the boardroom. “They never show this part in Law & Order,” I said, as I thumbed through paper stacks, scribbled page numbers in the top-right corner of the documents and ensured that things were in order.

My contribution, however, was small. Others more involved in the case altered their plans, once again bringing out their pens and whiteout and working until almost 8 p.m. in order to finish before the deadline.

All that remained on Friday morning were some last-minute additions. Staff scientist Elaine MacDonald and student-at-law Rebekah Church then delivered the documents to the courthouse at Osgoode Hall.

There’s plenty of work still left to do, but progress is progress.