Make a gift of life insurance

We are proud to be funded by individuals like you who share our values.

We make it easy for you to make a gift of life insurance that will help Ecojustice build the case for a better earth, while also providing tax savings for you or your estate and allowing you to make a gift outside of your will that will avoid probate fees.

There are several ways you can work with Ecojustice and your financial advisor to make a lasting gift using life insurance:

1. Make Ecojustice the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Your estate will benefit from a charitable tax receipt for the value of the proceeds from the policy – which can leave more behind for the loved ones you’ve named in your will.

2. Make Ecojustice the owner and beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy. You will receive a charitable tax receipt at the time you transfer ownership for the fair market value of the policy, and an annual charitable tax receipt for any premiums you continue to pay if the policy isn’t already paid up.

3. Purchase a new insurance policy and make Ecojustice the owner and beneficiary. Once you have transferred ownership of the new policy to Ecojustice, you will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value. You will also receive annual charitable tax receipts for the premiums you pay.

For more information about making a gift of life insurance, please contact Sarah May, Ecojustice’s Philanthropy Officer.

The above information is not legal or tax advice. We can help you create your environmental legacy by working with you and your financial and legal advisors.

We're here to help.

Contact Sarah May
Philanthropy Officer
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