Oilsands production could double by 2030*. Five major pipeline projects have been proposed to ship that oil. Unless Canada acts soon, increased greenhouse gas emissions will stunt our ability to address climate change and protect our land, air and water from harmful energy production.

Thanks to your support, here are four ways we’re making a difference:

1. Northern Gateway Pipeline
Any decision on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway must be based on the best available science. That’s why we’re going to court to challenge the Joint Review Panel’s final report, which in our view, contains several errors and is based on inadequate evidence.

2. Kinder Morgan Pipeline
We’re fighting to make sure environmental interests are considered when a decision about Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion is made. The expansion would nearly triple the amount oil shipped through Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet and increase the risk of a catastrophic oil spill.

3. Line 9B Pipeline Reversal
Enbridge wants to send oilsands and Bakken crude through highly populated communities in Ontario and Quebec using a 38-year-old pipeline that experts say is prone to rupture. In December, we presented this info to the National Energy Board and told them to reject this proposal.

4. Arctic Offshore Drilling
Harsh conditions make any attempts to clean up a spill even more difficult and dangerous and Canadians could get stuck with the bill. We successfully lobbied government to increase ‘absolute’ liability for energy companies to CDN$1 billion. But BP’s liability for the Gulf of Mexico spill has climbed to more to US$42 billion, so we continue to push for unlimited liability limits and monitor drilling proposals.

But there’s another way
Alberta is where you’ll find the ugly side of energy production, including habitat destruction, toxic tailings ponds and pollution. That’s why the time is ripe to shift from fossil fuels to renewable resources. Ecojustice wants to create a more sustainable future for our generation and those yet to come.

Our lawyers and scientists use the law to challenge harmful projects and hold government and energy companies to account for environmental destruction.

And we get results.