Executive director Devon Page has won an award for his leadership in ensuring that polluters pay for environmental harm, protecting endangered species and helping to defend every Canadians’ right to a healthy environment.

Today, Delta Management Group named Devon to their 2013 Clean50 list under the Advocacy & NGO’s category. Delta Management Group also honoured two others in that category: Richard Brooks, a Forest Campaign Coordinator with Greenpeace, and Hank Venema, Vice-President of Science and Innovation at the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

The Clean50 list, which is split into 16 categories such as Cities & Municipalities or Clean Technology Entrepreneurs, singles out 50 outstanding Canadians that are contributing to a more sustainable future. Devon is quick to note that, while he was named, Ecojustice is a team and in many ways he sees his leadership as representative.

“I’ll take the credit for being one among many leaders, not just among our staff, but among our supporters who are concerned about environmental protection and conservation,” Devon said. “Using the law to protect endangered species and reduce Canadians’ exposure to pollutants is difficult but rewarding work and this award shows that it’s not going unnoticed.”

Securing protection for the minnow-sized Nooksack dace and British Columbia’s killer whales are just two of the victories that the Clean50 award recognized as making a difference for Canadians.

“Clean50 honourees have produced actual results we can quantify,” said Gavin Pitchford, Clean50 founder and Chief Talent Officer at Delta Management Group. “Being named to the Clean50 means you’ve done measurable good.”