When MacMillan Bloedel hit the Galiano Conservancy Association with a lawsuit alleging the small group of landowners “conspired” and “manipulated the planning process” after they objected to plans to develop Galiano Island, we helped them take on the company and win.  The court agreed that the case was aimed at quieting legitimate public commentary and ruled in favour of our clients.

Why was Ecojustice Involved?

The ability to speak out against environmental harm, or other injustices, without fear of legal repercussions is a defining feature of a healthy democracy. That’s why we believe that it’s important to support people and organizations who are the target of lawsuits aimed at shutting down debate on issues of  public concern.

What does this victory mean?

In defending the rights of residents to speak up about issues affecting their community, this case demonstrated that ordinary people can fight back against powerful corporations. It also highlighted the need for  legislation in B.C. and across the country protecting people from strategic lawsuits against public participation.