We love academics – most of us here have too many letters behind our name, and we pride ourselves on our junk-free scientific approach to complex environmental issues.

But lately, some commenters have expressed concern that our recent seismic testing lawsuit is compromising scientific research. In reality, our lawsuit is strongly supported by science. Both the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the scientists seeking to conduct the blasting have confirmed that these seismic tests will harass endangered whales in Canada’s first marine protected area.

We don’t doubt the good intention of American researchers entering Canadian waters to map the hydrothermal vents off the coast of BC. However, any invasive research in a marine protected area needs to comply with the laws specifically designed to protect the marine environment. And this seismic project does not.

Protection is neither convenient nor easy; we have a monumental task ahead of us to defend Canada’s majestic whales and dolphins from harm and extinction.

So go, science, go and continue to further our knowledge – without causing harm to endangered species, which are equally worthy of scientific inquiry and respect.