Photo credit: Sean Nixon

Our volunteers

From legal research to web development to customer service skills, our talented and dedicated volunteers allow us to broaden our reach and amplify our impact. We couldn’t do the work we do without their commitment and support.

Thank you from all of us at Ecojustice.

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Volunteers, 2013 – present:

Aaron Ward
Aida Gradina
Aishling O’Doherty
Alex Kruize
Alison Chan
Andrew Chapman
Anika Kamal
Anneke Findlay
Annie Fernback
Ariane Vincent
Ben van Drimmelen
Beverly Hobby
Bob Cutting
Carol Kim
Caroline Chen
Caroline Dobuzinskis
Carolyn Quirt
Carolynne Mahood
Catherine Russell
Cathy Morton
Cheryl McNutt
Ciana Marcellus
Craig Empson
David Taub Bancroft
Donny Lee
Elaine Pusic
Evangelina Deligero
Ian Arnold
Irene Patrinos
Ivy Wang
James Van Manen
Jamin Hunter
Janet Landreth
Jay Channa
Jeanette Lim
Jo Thomas
John Rich
Jordano Valenzuela
Joseph Tannenbaum
Joslyn Currie
Julia Dupuis
Kathleen Renaud
Katie Plantzer
Kerrie Lowitt
Kirsten Mikadze
Kristie Girard
Laura Anderson
Laura Elmhirst
Lison Daubigeon
Mary Anne Vallianatos
Monica Berg
Quinn Keenan
Rachelle de Jager
Roger Townshend
Rube Stephanie Rodriguez Camacho
Sally MacKinnon
Sarah Stirling Moffet
Shawn Courtney
Sofia Katsovskaia
Sophia Li
Sue Tardi
Tali Chernin
Zachary D’Onofrio