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Donor Wall

Ecojustice extends our deepest gratitude to all our supporters. Every challenge and victory we celebrate for the environment is made possible through your kind support of our work.  Thank you!

If at anytime you would prefer to have your name removed from our donor wall, please contact our Donor Relations team at or 1-800-926-7744 ext 295.


$100,000 plus

Catherine Donnelly Foundation
Law Foundation of British Columbia
Anonymous (1)

$50,000 to $99,999

Bullitt Foundation
Brainerd Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
The Sitka Foundation
Vancouver Foundation

$10,000 to $49,999

444S Foundation
Ball Family Environmental Foundation
Bulrush Foundation
Echo Foundation / Fondation Écho
Glasswaters Foundation
Global Greengrants Fund
Mountain Equipment Co-op
Patagonia Fund
The Rogers Foundation
Wheeler Family Foundation
Anonymous (4)

$1,000 to $9,999

Barber Family Charitable Foundation
Blue Planet Links Foundation
Calgary Foundation
Canadian Bar Law for the Future Foundation
Chawkers Foundation
Ivey Foundation
J. W. McConnell Family Foundation
Kaatza Foundation
Kraus Family Charitable Trust
Laura Tiberti Foundation
Lohn Foundation
Mireille and Murray Steinberg Family Foundation
N. A. Taylor Foundation
Oasis Foundation
Shooting Star Foundation
Tides Canada Foundation – Wild Salmon Ecosystem Fund
Anonymous (3)

Donor Advised Funds

A. Lawrence Berry Environment Fund – Calgary Foundation
Blattel Family Fund – The Community Foundation of Ottawa
The Cinders Fund – Edmonton Community Foundation
The Colleen Snipper Memorial Fund – Community Foundation of Ottawa
Floyd and Nancy Reynolds Fund – Calgary Foundation
Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation – Toronto Foundation
Janet and Marion Morgan Environmental Fund
The John and Barbara Poole Family Fund – Edmonton Community Foundation
Joseph Rea Environmental Fund – London Community Foundation
Robert I. and Margaret J. Clague Memorial Fund – The Winnipeg Foundation
United Way-Centraide Ottawa
Ursuline Sisters, Chatham ON
Anonymous (1)

Champions Circle

Ecojustice recognizes those donors who made cumulative annual contributions of $1,000 or more in the calendar year:

$10,000 plus

William H. Ashwell and Fran Ashwell
George and Martha Butterfield
Daralis Collins
Alec Deas
Mike Cormack and Jenny Drake
Glen Estill
Nancy Ironside
Richard Ivey
Thomas W. Lane

Erik Lockeberg
Margrith Loretz
Rudolph and Patricia North
Carla Reed
Martha Rogers
Leonard Schein and Barbara Small
Dianne and David Stern
Anonymous (7)


Tammy and Frank Arnold
Mike Brigham
Virginia P. and Edwin E. Daniel
David H. Feeny
Geoff Fridd
Jane K. Harper
Jackson Power & Electric Ltd.
Marilyn L. Kan
Marilynn J. King
Karen Kirby
Walton W. Langford

Nancy Lawand
Sharon Lazare
Kenneth and Helen Lister
Ron Pearson
Judith and Lou Probst
Ruth Richardson
Frederick H. Voglmaier, Jr.
Janice L. Wright
Ann Marriott and David Wunker
Anonymous (6)


Peter Abrams
Steven Barer and Susan Albersheim
Ira Tim Ames
Noel Taylor and Merrick Anderson
Joseph April
Paul Armstrong
Wendy Anne Atkinson
Jonathan and Robin Backer
Tricia Barry
Aaron Barsky
Dora Basmajian
William and Pierette Beaton
Daniel M. Blankstein
Cheryl Bradley
Emma Bradley
Maurice Brager
JN Braithwaite
Helen Brink
Leanne Brothers
Malcolm Burrows
Karin Buss
Elizabeth Campbell
Jane and Craig Campbell
Norene L. Carr
Dan Carse
Doreen Joyce Challenger
Esther Chetner
Sophia Sperdakos and Robert Clark
Sandra M. Cockfield
Nelson Collins
Jeff and Heather Corbett
Richard Corley
David Cosco
David D. Cowan
Gary D. Cuddington
Brian J. Dawson
Michael and Honor de Pencier
Dawne Deeley
Dana V. Devine
Eric Diller
Ruth Elisabeth Donnelly
Christopher George and Sarah Dowswell
Jennifer Drake
Eric Dreyfuss
Reuven and Lauren Dukas
Rett Dunham
Susan R. Eaton
Josine Eikelenboom
Eric Sutherland Medical Corporation
Brian and Wanda Erickson
Dianne Fahselt
Thomas Fath
James H. Firstbrook
G. William Fitzgerald
Heather MacEwan Foran and
Maxwell Foran
Jane C. Freed
Sharon E. Godkin
Jordan Golubov
Heartstar Music
Herman and Enid Gom
David and Judith Goodings
Martha Gould
Chris Graham
Jean Grieve
Joanne Groff
Ann Thompson and Stephen Gurman
David Hadley
Clare Hallward
John W. Harrison
Jason Hart
Trevor Harterre
David Haughton
John Hember
Dennis Hemmings
Mark K. Heule
Verna J. Higgins
Frederick I. Hill
Kenneth Faris and Heather Hilliard
Graeme Hirst
Ted A. Holekamp
Ernest Howard
Peter Hull and Diana Hull
Beatrice Hunter
Paul Hunter
Peter C. Seixas and Susan Inman
Melanie Isbister
George Iwanchyshyn
Bengt K. Jansson
Jean and Fred Biehl Fund
John M. Johnson
Richard Allan Jones
Annelise O. Jorgensen
Cheryl Kabloona
Audrey J. Kenny
Claire F. Kerrigan
George and Elizabeth Knowles
Richard Krieger
Peter Leitner
Grant Linney
Magdalen M. Lukács
John MacDonald
Rob and Lori Macintosh
Ian B. G. MacKenzie
Marlene and Alexander Mackenzie
Susan Mackey-Jamieson
A. Sasha Mandy
Janice and Simon Margolis
Marilyn C. Marshall

Paul M. Martin
Michael Mayzel
Barry Taylor and Patricia Mazier
Dixie L. Mager and Mark McCutcheon
Mel McDonald
D. Colin McGregor and Reverend Isobel McGregor
Matthew McInnes
Andrew McKinlay
Harvey McKinnon
Winfried Zacherl and Joan Mitchell
David Morgan
Anne Morris
Michael and Laurie Morrison
Mishka Lysack and Ruth Morrow
Patricia Morton
Margaret A. Motz
Barbara P. Munves
Dirk Brinkman and Joyce Murray
Wendie R. Nelson
Sayo Nickerson
John O’Driscoll and Sylvie O’Driscoll
Victoria Olchowecki
Roberta Olenick
Paul Olszynski
Ken Oppel
Carly O’Rourke
Devon Page
Victoria Page
Hugo Sutmoller and Johanna Wilhemina Pannekoek
Robert Cloutier and Louise Parker-Cloutier
Susan Low-Beer and William R. Parsons
Joan and William Paterson
Dorothy H. Paul and Miles Paul
Tony and Tania Pearse
William Pegg
Ted Williams and Pearl Perehudoff
Diether Peschken
J. Holroyd and C. Hilippi
Brian Phillips
Louise Pickett
Brian and Diane Pinch
Evelyn W. Pinkerton
Nicholas J. Poppenk
Provincial Employees Community Services Fund
Peter Raab
Doug Rae
Edna M. Ralston
Anna Reid
Marilyn Reid
Ralph V. Cartar and Mary Reid
Paul N. Richardson and Lynda Richardson
Carolyn Ricker
Riko Inc.
Brenlee Robinson
Sidney Robinson
Margaret and Timothy Roebuck
Antoinette Voûte Roeder and
Michael T. Roeder
Patricia Rosebrugh
Joan and John Rosebush
Wayne Sartore
Diana R. E. Schell
Barbara J. Scott
Sara Seck
Bruce A. Shaw
Joan and Jack Sherman
Scott Sinclair
Jean E. Hilton and Lorna E. Skawski
Virginia G. Smith
Society Of The Sacred Heart (Canada)
Wendy Southall
Rosemary Speirs
Spirit of the West Adventures
Robert Mitchell and Eloise Spitzer
James Stevens
J. Douglas Stewart
Rasmus Storjohann
Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation
John Swaigen
Karen Sword
Beverley Tamboline
James Tasker
John and Barbara Taylor
John Taylor
Dorothea Godt and Ulrich Tepass
Gordon Thompson
Keith Tolhurst
Carolyn J. Turnbull
Joanne Tuytel
E. Joyce and P. Edward Van Veenendaal
Jan and Valerie Versendaal
Sharolyn Vettese
Sharron Waite
Tim Wall
Douglas and Kathy Waterman
Beverly and Eric Watt
Jane and Hugh Whiteley
Nancy and William Whitla
Herbert and Barbara Whitney
Audrey and Robert Wild
Cathy Wilkinson
Russell Williams
Wilshire Works Inc.
Alisa and James Wilson
Heather Wilson
Ann E. Wood and Peter William Wood
Piotr M. Czaykowski and Anne C. Worley
Jim Wright
Anonymous (65)

Gifts from Estates

Reginald Bailey
Anna Cathrall
Richard Madison Collier
William Gordon Duncan
Wilma Emmons
Patricia Ann Fallman
Robert Helms
Egon Homburger
Elizabeth Ketchum
Ursula Matthews
Margaret Prang
Lois A. Sellers
Anonymous (1)

Legacy Community

The following have made a plan to benefit Ecojustice through a gift in their will, a gift of life insurance or a gift of a RRSP:

William Amos
Jocelyn Anderson
Suzanne McBennett André and
Shane André
Nadia B-Mainville
Diana M. Bainbridge
Lorne Almon Boyd
Janet Mary Warren nee Cox
Alexander Daughtry
Ann Dutton
Susan Roberta Eaton
George H. J. Ellen
Virginia Evans
Helen and Gerry Gilavish
Leland Gosselin
Douglas Green
Jo-Anne Harris
Will Hendrie
Judith Hibberd
William D. Hughey
Kathleen Kingsley
Timothy Leadem
Frances Litman
Carol J. Lodge
Jeanine Lucas
Murray MacAdam
Rod Manson

John and Shirley Martin
Harvey McKinnon
Judith McPhie
Harld D. Neufeldt
Joan Norris
Daryl and Yvonne Noullette
Pat Pitsula
Judith and Lou Probst
Carla Reed
Nancy Robinson
Patricia Roozendaal
David Rothkop
Elizabeth Shannon and R. Clark Munro
Kimberly Shearon
Peter Stuart
Joanne Thomas
A. Valentin
Lorna Visser
Cliff Wallis
Janet Warren
Marilyn Flora Wiley
Byron Wilson and Karla Reimer
Catherine Zeilner
Walter and Brenda Zimmerman
Anonymous (317)