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Winter 2013 newsletter

Jun 03, 2013 12:53 PM

Read on to learn about Ecojustice's efforts to oppose the Northern Gateway pipeline, save our national endangered species law, ensure that the people of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation aren't forced to breathe in air laced with toxic chemicals, and much more in the Winter 2013 newsletter.

Winter 2013 newsletter

Click image above to download your copy of the Winter 2013 newsletter today! (Or flip through it below)

When it comes to the importance of protecting endangered wildlife, where do Canadians stand? And with thousands of people digging in their heels over Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, what’s really at stake?

We explore these topics and much more in our Winter 2013 newsletter. We take you inside one of Canada's most polluted communities so you can see the real impacts of air pollution. You'll also be introduced to a long-time donor who’s found a way to leave a legacy for future generations and support Ecojustice at the same time.

Inspired by what you read?  Consider joining the more than 22,000 supporters that are the heart of Ecojustice’s mission and make a donation today.

Even though 2012 was memorable for all the wrong reasons — remember the pair of devastating omnibus budget bills that gutted some of the country's most important environmental laws? — we enter 2013 a stronger and more determined organization than ever. And it’s all because of you.

In fact, you’ve inspired us to launch the Right to a Healthy Environment campaign.  It’s a bold initiative that, with your continued support, could make a big difference in the lives of each and every Canadian.

Learn more about how you're helping us make an impact. Read the winter newsletter today!

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