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National Sewage Report Card III

Aug 31, 2010 10:54 AM

Ecojustice's 2004 report evaluating sewage treatment levels in 22 Canadian cities.

Ecojustice’s work on sewage has brought national attention to the issue of sewage dumping and poor treatment, most notably our leading series of national sewage report cards.

Ecojustice released its third National Sewage Report Card in 2004, evaluating the performance of cities across Canada in their treatment and management of sewage. The report reveals that Canada’s coastal cities continue to lag behind the rest of the country and highlights the federal government’s ineffective handling of sewage issues. 
The report evaluates 22 cities and assigns them a letter grade based on the quality of their sewage treatment as determined by various criteria including level of treatment, volume of raw sewage discharged and their progress since Ecojustice’s previous sewage report card in 1999.
In addition to evaluating the track record of individual cities, the report also calls for national, legally-binding sewage treatment standards for all Canadian municipalities — standards that are effective, consistently enforced, and that ensure the continued health of our fresh and coastal water systems.
Ecojustice staff:
Margot Venton 
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