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Save Our Species

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Learn about Ecojustice's multi-pronged efforts to protect Canada's endangered wildlife.

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Photo credits (L-R): Ursus Photography, Bill Byrne, John E. Marriott.

Hundreds of Canada's animals and plants, from humpback whales to woodland caribou, are considered at risk. What's one of the biggest things threatening them?

The federal government’s refusal to follow its own law. 
Canada’s national species law, the Species at Risk Act, protects endangered wildlife and the habitat they depend on – but only after a recovery plan has been implemented for each one. These recovery plans are required by law and are especially important in protecting all of the habitat that species need to survive and recover. 
To date, the federal government has delayed the release of recovery strategies for more than 150 species; some are more than five years overdue. 

On top of all this, the federal government is now talking about changing the Species at Risk Act instead of living up to its responsibility to fully implement it.

We can't stand by and let Canada’s endangered species disappear. Because once these species are gone, they’re gone for good.
3 easy ways you can help:

  • Send a message.
    Tell Ecojustice lawyers and scientists that you support our multi-pronged efforts to protect Canada's endangered wildlife.

  • Be an ambassador. 
    Tell your friends and family that endangered wildlife need our help. Share our infographic on social media or forward our blogs.

  • Donate.
    Support our many efforts to ensure Canada's endangered wildlife get what they need to survive and recover by making an online donation today.


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