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Right to a Healthy Environment

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Canadians don't have the Charter right to healthy environment. But we should.

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More than 110 countries already recognize their citizens' right to a healthy environment.

Now learn why it's time for Canada to do the same.

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For nearly 25 years, Ecojustice has fought for legal precedents that protect the clean air, water and land that we all depend on. Along the way, we’ve become all too familiar with how Canada’s environmental laws are failing to protect our health and our communities.

For new every case we take on, we know there are a dozen other communities facing similar threats to their local environment and health. But when it comes to ensuring that every person in Canada can breathe clean air, drink fresh water and live in a healthy community, we shouldn’t have to pick our battles.

Groups like Ecojustice can’t be everywhere at all times, which is why we need a law that can. 

The Charter is Canada’s highest law and it applies to all levels of government across the country. It gives each of us inalienable rights – ones that protect us from discrimination and guarantee our right to life, liberty and security of the person. 

We believe the Charter should include environmental rights too.

In the last 50 years, the right to a healthy environment has gained recognition around the world faster than any other human right.  More than 110 countries now recognize their citizens’ right to a healthy environment. 

Now it’s Canada’s turn. 

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