John Swaigen


John has been active in environmental law and policy since 1972. He served as General Counsel to the Canadian Environmental Law Association, associate of the Canadian Institute of Environmental Law and Policy, counsel to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Chair of Ontario’s Environmental Appeal Board. John was the co-editor of Canada’s first environmental law text, Environment on Trial, as well as the author of books on administrative law, law enforcement, and fundraising for non-profit groups. John joined the Toronto office part time in 2011 after spending 12 years as an Ecojustice board member.

John lives in downtown Toronto, but maintains some connection to nature by canoeing and cross-country skiing, both of them badly. He is still trying to understand what can be recycled in Toronto and in what form or container, but despairs of ever getting it right.

Last updated: October 7, 2016

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