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Meet the staff: Pierre Sadik

Posted by Kimberly Shearon at Mar 01, 2013 11:00 AM |

Pierre Sadik, based in Ottawa, is Ecojustice’s new manager of law and policy. Here he is, in his own words.

Pierre Sadik, based in Ottawa, is Ecojustice’s new manager of law and policy. Here he is, in his own words:

I’m excited to join the Ecojustice team and help it achieve its important mission to protect the environment. And although I’m a lawyer, I’ll be taking on environmental issues from a different perspective — outside the courtroom, as Ecojustice’s manager of law and policy.

So what does that entail? My role is to ensure your interests are represented in the nation’s capital by standing up for the laws that protect the air, water and land we all count on to lead healthy, productive lives. As a bit of an amateur historian, I take inspiration from those who helped oppose the rise of totalitarianism in the 1930s and 1940s. I’m convinced that it’s important for us to fight against injustice, be it social or environmental, even if the odds appear to be long.

My career up to this point has covered a lot of ground. I’ve done litigation, worked in government and lobbied and been lobbied on a variety of environmental issues both in Canada and the United States. Common themes that have run through my work include protecting endangered species, tackling climate change, and promoting the green economy.

Many of these will continue to be issues I advocate for Ecojustice, and for supporters like you. I’m motivated by the need to act and speak on behalf of those who can’t fend for themselves. I’m a vegetarian and hold a great deal of respect for other living things.

I also subscribe to the notion that our North American lifestyle has become out of balance in terms of consumption, particularly when it comes to energy. This is just another reason why we need effective laws and regulations that make sure industrial growth doesn’t come at the expense of our — and the planet’s — long-term well-being.

How do I recharge and rejuvenate in the midst of all of this? My family and I head out to the wild spaces that are less than 30 minutes from our home in Ottawa.

There I’m among some of the many ‘clients’ we work on behalf of at Ecojustice. The beauty of the wilderness is both deeply calming and at the same time highly motivating.

— Pierre Sadik, manager of law and policy

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